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Recipient of an Academy Honorary Award for lifetime achievements (Oscar statuette), Andrzej Wajda gave us not only his famous films, but also a large collection of drawings and an important intellectual legacy in the form – among others – of his comments on selected works of art.

Wajda Art is a project summarizing the unknown to a wider audience, non-film experience of the master. Thanks to the support of you – film and art lovers from around the world – we hope that we will be able to release this beautiful and inspiring box containing two albums and a movie.

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Wajda was drawing for his entire life. Hundreds of sketchbooks that remained after artist hold many graphical memories. Wajda, encouraged by his life-long friend Antoni Rodowicz, decided to publish those drawing as a book „Andrzej Wajda – Drawings”. Works on this album had taken place in Wajda’s home, in breaks between carrying out different film projects. This unique album gives an impression of watching documentary narrated by the director not by camera, but with use of piece of paper and pencil or paintbrush.

The album „Andrzej Wajda – Drawings” is an unique publication. It contains a few hundred of selected works of the artist, that show his travels (like a trip to Japan), biographical portraits of known artists as well as projects made by Wajda to support his work on movies and theatrical spectacles. Wajda is mainly known for his artwork as a great movie director, few people even know that he used to draw. This publications gives an inimitable opportunity to admire artistic talent for drawing that he had and see the world through his eyes.

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Hours spent on choosing the drawings turned into long conversation and discussions on Polish art matters in general. The effect of this discussions was the idea of creating the collection of Polish art pieces, which shaped Wajda’s aesthetic style and became a direct inspiration to create some of his scenes and frames. The „Inspiration” album shows Wajda’s aesthetic skills. Comments from the artist that he added himself help to understand processes of creation of a movie maker artist.

Yet chosen form – book – has its limits, that can’t be overcome. Wajda and Rodowicz decided to complete it with a movie, which is an intimate autobiographical story about art told by Master himself. Documentary contains fragments of pieces presented in „Inspirations”, but also some parts of movies that are quotes from paintings. It is Wajda’s story about creating movie image. Thanks to the support during the production process by Marek Żydowicz, the creator of Camerimage International Film Festival, it was possible to complete the documentary in years 2015-2016.

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Considering the magnitude of the project, the inventor was looking for a concept for funding the realization of it. In 2017 Antonii Rodowicz met Michał Lehr-Kowalski – the creative manager, who offered cooperation on the project. The character of the project, that shows Polish art as well as the director’s artistry in a very unique way, encouraged Lehr-Kowalski to share it with art and movie enthusiasts from all over the world. In order to make it happen, he suggested using crowdfunding, which will allow publishing albums in various languages and proposing affordable prices to funders.

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