Martin Scorsese
director, screenwriter, editor and movie producer, Academy Award winner




 “Andrzej Wajda is one of the masters of the art of cinema (…) mind the mastery of his work, I guess I am not that young any more, but I know a master when I see one and experience one – that’s the simplest way of putting who he is. (…) There in doubt that painting is something very crucial for Wajda. He studied painting himself for many years ; he apprenticed under three different painters. And he just completed at the age of ninety (…) You can see from watching any of his pictures, that he has an extraordinary visual talent, genius I would say.” (quote from the movie “My Inspirations”) 




“Just looked at the Wajda documentary. I enjoyed it. Watching it I realized, I know some of his earliest films and late films but don’t really know his mid-career stuff so this has really motivated me to seek those films out now. So to that degree the documentary works and honors him. Also I enjoyed very much the simple structure of it being centered on that one interview where he connects his love for painting with very concrete examples of how it has shaped, influenced and actually guided him in his filmmaking.”

Willem Dafoe

Wim Wenders
film director, screenwriter and producer




“Andrzej Wajda was one of the monumental film directors of the still young “Seventh Art“, and little is known about his mastery as illustrator, painter and art critic. WAJDA ART by Antoni Rodowicz is an incredibly beautiful book project that will shed light on this largely unknown aspect of Andrzej’s work.
It deserves every support!”





“Andrzej Wajda was as much a painter and graphic artist as a film maker. No better homage to his visual energy but this project. I subscribe!”

Volker Schlöndorff
film director, Academy Award winner

Paolo Branco
film producer




“I support WAJDA ART project!”




“I have been for many years a theater director and a film maker and for the last decade and a half a painter. For this personal reason I celebrate the life of Andrzej Wajda as a TOTAL ARTIST.”

Andre Gregory
theater director and actor

Janusz Kaminski
cinematographer and film director, two-time Academy Award winner




“I support Andrzej Wajda Art project.”




“Apart from many years of friendship, what I have in common with Andrzej Wajda is that both he and I could call ourselves both filmmakers and painters. But Andrzej was also a magnificent sketch artist. And his sketches are the unique phenomenon connecting his world of painting and film. It’s a great idea to publish this very important piece of his artistic ouvre.”

Jerzy Skolimowski
film director, screenwriter and actor

Agnieszka Holland
film and theatrical director, screenwriter and actress

Allan Starski
film and theatrical scenographer, Academy Award winner

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