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A documentary film (60 min.) in several language versions, in which Andrzej Wajda talks about his fascination with Polish painting and about the influence of Polish art on his film and theater work. In this document, we show some of the works presented in the Album, as well as fragments of films including frames that are quotes from paintings. This is the Director’s tale about the realization of a motion picture. The document features a modern narrative and a scenery using computer animation. The film will be presented at festivals and in art houses. The introduction will be delivered by Martin Scorcese. The film is financed by an endowment from PISF – Polish Film Institute and by sponsors. The film’s partner is the National Museum in Warsaw.

Director and main actor – Andrzej Wajda  
Director – Marek Brodzki 
Screenplay and artistic supervision, Multiart co-producer – Antoni Rodowicz 
Producer and administrator, EC1 Films – Jan Rodowicz
Producer and consultant, EC1 Films – Marek Żydowicz
Cinematographer – Jerzy Rudziński  
Music – Włodek Pawlik
Introduction – Martin Scorsese

Director's explication




“In this album and film I would like to tell about the influence Polish art had on me.”

“My interest in Polish painting defined my artistic path, which began with the studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow. Polish art defined my future as film and theater director. During my entire work I drew inspiration from the works of various Polish artists, like Stanisław Wyspiański, Jacek Malczewski, Piotr Michałowski, Jan Matejko, Ferdynand Ruszczyc, Andrzej Wróblewski, and others as well. In painting, I found vital interpretations of Polish landscapes, genre scenes and specific personages.”

“I would like to share with the public of my films – in Poland and worldwide – how much Polish art helped me in creating a film’s image, its lighting and colors. My story, illustrated with many paintings and fragments of my films, may encourage young viewers to visit museums and take in our cultural heritage. I also hope that both the album and film will promote Polish art beyond our country’s borders. Although little known in the world, it deserves recognition, and not because it is exceptional, but because it is interesting and the equal of world’s art created in comparable times. We attempt to show what is unique, different and original in Polish art. Further, it is a promotion Polish museums and their topmost collections and exhibitions. If it proves capable of rousing such impressions in the viewer, I will allow me to repay a small part of the debt I incurred as film director towards Polish sculpture and painting shaping my imagination.”

Andrzej Wajda
Krakow, 10.04.2014

Excerpts from the movie


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