The album „Andrzej Wajda – Drawings” is an unique publication. It contains a few hundred of selected graphic works of Andrzej Wajda that show his travels (e. g. to Japan), biographical portraits of known artists and projects made by Wajda to support his work on movies and theatrical spectacles. Album may give an impression of watching documentary narrated by the director – not by camera, but with use of piece of paper and pencil or paintbrush. These simple tools were Wajda’s companions for many years, as he said himself. It is easy to understand; he studied painting on Academy Of Fine Arts (ASP) in Cracov in years 1946–1950.

This publication gives an inimitable opportunity to admire artistic talent for drawing of Andrzej Wajda and see the world through his eyes.

A few hundreds of drawings and watercolors reproduced in album are divided into chapters pointed by author, such as:

1. Familiar faces
2. Drawings for movie
3. Drawings for theatre
4. I was and I saw
5. Unrealized projects
6. Our animals
7. Japan

Regarding formal and substantive matters, the album contains three types of materials. First one are sketches of places and people, made fast in instant moment while traveling around the globe. Second group of pictures are visualizations of stage solutions ideas and film or theatrical projects. Finished pictures and watercolors are a third group of art pieces that the album contains. Except for a few sketches, all of the drawings are presented in album in their original sizes. It helps to track down the Wajda’s creation process – to see what artist saw and what brought his attention. Comments from author, often humorous, explain what’s special about chosen images.

Wajda – the drawer always followed one rule: human memory is fugitive and memories are easier to preserve using pencil and a piece of paper. That was the main reason why the Polish movie director captured in his artworks faces of his friends and other artists he met, just like he would take the photo. Wajda has been doing sketches for the theater and movies for himself. He had seen finished films and theater spectacles even before they were created. We have here outdoor scenery, figures and faces of future characters, for example Gerard Depardieu as Danton. You will be impressed by images of „A Chronicle of Amorous Accidents”. There are also moving stained-glass window – the project of which was started by Wajda after Jerzy Popiełuszko’s death. Precise analysis of scenery and sketches of the characters are mixed with images of private, intimate world of Andrzej Wajda, where journeys and animals played a very important part. Materials that the album contains allow us to step into Wajda’s world, to see places where he stayed in Paris, Tel Awiw, Kioto or to watch dogs, cats and horses that were close to his heart.


Wajda is taking us on his life journey – to Japan. At the time he was carrying his sketchbook with him every minute of the trip. He perfectly managed to capture the character of cherry blossom country’s reality, partially because the artist referred to the style of the Japanese artists. Thanks to him on a piece of paper we can see Japan with its trees, temples, actors of Kabuki theater, colorful fish, restaurants and secret gardens.

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