A trip to Poland

The history of Wajda


For Wajda’s fans we have prepare an exceptional trip across three main Polish cities: Krakow, Warsaw and Gdansk, which played an important role in the life of Andrzej Wajda as well as the modern history of the country. Below we present you only a few, selected events from the trip agenda, which is constantly expanding and new attractions are being added to it.


  • Manggha Museum of Japanese Art and Technology funded by Wajda,
  • Academy of Fine Arts, where he studied,
  • The Hutten – Czapski Museum, which was inspired by him,
  • The National Museum in Krakow, where some of the masterpieces from ‘Inspirations’ album are kept,
  • The Master’s grave.

Manggha Museum of Japanese Art and Technology in Krakow

The National Museum in Warsaw

In Warsaw we will visit:

  • An exceptional district, where he used to live – Żoliborz and we will see his house,
  • Wajda Film School,
  • The National Museum in Warsaw, where some of the masterpieces from ‘Inspirations’ album are kept,
  • We will also meet with people, who were important in Wajda’s life.

In Gdansk we will visit:

  • New, incredible Museum of Solidarity,
  • Shipyard, where Lech Walesa worked and where “Solidarność” was created,
  • We will visit some of the best amber workshops,
  • On a private screening we will watch triptych ‘Man of Marble’, ‘Man of Iron’ and ‘Walesa. Man of Hope’.

The Museum of Solidarity in Gdansk

The price (3000 $) includes:

  • During the time of organized activities (10-13, 15-18) the presence of English speaking guide (there is a possibility of any other language, if the group will consist of at least 6 people),
  • Tickets to all the exhibitions, shows, screenings, performances,
  • Bed & breakfast hotel (of full support with looking for a stay in other standard),
  • Farewell dinner.

The price doesn’t include a flight to Poland or food (apart from the hotel breakfast).

Our provisionally suggested dates are: 15-22.09.2018, 29.09 – 6.10.2018, 20-27.10.2018